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Zamann Pharma Support assists you in the digital evolution of your company into a quality and process-driven enterprise.

Our solutions for your company

Zamann supports small, medium and global-sized companies in digitalization, compliance and scalable quality management.

We are fully specialized in Life Science Quality Consultancy services and solutions. As strong partners of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry we support companies in the following topics:

Training and Coaching of employees 

Management Consultation 

Global Project Management 

cGxP Compliance 

Software development for Pharma 

Validation and Qualification 

Professionals discussing about Quality Management System, representing Zamann's global project services

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How does a collaboration work?

Collaboration is all about understanding and addressing your unique needs.

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1. Appointment request

You request a free initial consultation via our website and answer a few questions.

2. Preliminary talk

One of our employees will talk to you over the phone about your request and put you in touch with the right contact person.

3. Virtual consultation

A strategy consultant will give you 60 minutes of individual advice on your situation and work with you to develop a solution to your problem.

4. Long-term cooperation

After the initial consultation, there is the option of us supporting you in the long-term implementation of your solution.

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Sustainability is a core segment of the Zamann company culture and part of every single onboarding program for our employees. Also, we simply love planting trees around the world.

TÜV SÜD ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification emblem for excellence in quality assurance standards.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Icon representing consulting services in pharmacy and medical technology quality assurance.

Consulting service in the field of pharmacy, medical technology and quality assurance

Icon for supplier qualification services in pharmacy and medical technology sectors

Supplier qualification in the field of pharmacy, medical technology and quality assurance. 

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Personnel qualification in the field of pharmacy, medical technology and quality assurance. 

Icon illustrating customer-specific quality management system solutions

Customer-specific provision of quality management systems.

Our Customers

What people think about us

Bianca BraunBianca Braun
06:17 20 Jul 23
I had the distinct privilege of working with Zamann during a critical Computer System Validation (CSV) project at Takeda, specifically related to the implementation of our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). In the world of pharmaceuticals, where precision, compliance, and efficiency are paramount, a robust LIMS is crucial. Zamann not only understood this but also exceeded all expectations.From the get-go, Zamann’s team demonstrated a remarkable grasp of the complexities inherent in such a project, particularly within the context of the rigorous regulatory landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. Their deep knowledge of both CSV and LIMS was evident in every interaction, and they were consistently available to address any questions or concerns that arose.What truly set Zamann apart, however, was their unwavering commitment to the success of our project. Their support was nothing short of extraordinary. They were proactive, resourceful, and tireless in their efforts to ensure that our LIMS would be validated smoothly and effectively. The team was solution-oriented and nimble, adapting quickly to changes and unforeseen challenges.Communication was also a significant strength of Zamann. Their team was transparent, responsive, and constructive, keeping us informed every step of the way and collaborating with us to develop practical, efficient solutions to any obstacles we encountered.In the end, thanks to Zamann, we not only had a fully validated LIMS that met our stringent standards and regulatory requirements, but also gained valuable insights and experience that will benefit our future operations.Zamann is a shining example of what a supportive and knowledgeable partner looks like in the field of Computer System Validation. I have no reservations in recommending them to anyone seeking a reliable, competent, and dedicated team for their CSV projects. Their support was integral to the success of our LIMS validation project at Takeda, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.
Yvette SchollmeierYvette Schollmeier
08:27 17 Jul 23
Zamann Pharma Support GmbH did help me with my past project (pharmaceutical start up) to implement an eQMS including a great digital learning management system for 20 ppl.Highly recommend if you need QMS support according to ISO 9001 or ISO 13485.
Mokis FoodMokis Food
09:30 12 Jul 23
Thank you for implementing pest control in our production facility. 100% recommended.
Ehsan QarekhaniEhsan Qarekhani
09:56 11 Jul 23
I have had the immense pleasure of working at Zamann Pharma Support , and I can confidently say that it has been an exceptional experience. From day one, the company has provided a nurturing environment that fosters growth, teamwork, and personal development. As an employee, I have been continually inspired and motivated by the company's vision, values, and commitment to excellence.
Piyushkant UpadhyayPiyushkant Upadhyay
09:27 11 Jul 23
Working with Zamann Pharma Support has been a game-changer for me. We have provided strategic insights and practical solutions that have significantly improved our operations and compliance efforts.Awesome place to work!!!
Lucas LimaLucas Lima
06:07 04 Jul 23
Great company. Takes all services very seriously, executing tasks according to the highest Quality standards.
James1 review
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Alles Top!
Kurz und knapp: Kann Zamann und Alis Team nur vollkommenempfehlen. Arbeiten schon mehrere Jahre mit der Firma in diversen GMP Themen zusammen und haben ausschließlich positives zu berichten. Fachlich, als auch menschlich. Zamann hat in unserer Firmengruppe die anderen „big four“ quasi im Alleingang verdrängt. Danke und bis zum nächsten Meeting
Date of experience: October 28, 2023
Burl1 review
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CSV Assessments
Im Vorfeld eines bevorstehenden Audits standen wir vor der Herausforderung, unsere verschiedenen Systeme zu bewerten. Dank des CSV GAP Assessments von Zamann konnten wir uns optimal vorbereiten. Sie haben nicht nur Schwachstellen identifiziert, sondern auch präzise Lösungsvorschläge geliefert. Ihre systematische Herangehensweise hat uns dabei geholfen, sicherzustellen, dass wir für das Audit bestens gerüstet sind. Zamann war wertvoller Partner in anstrengenden Zeiten.
Date of experience: October 28, 2023
Thomas1 review
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Zamann erstellte klare SOPs, die unsere komplexen Aufgaben vereinfachten und unser Firmen Know-How endlich Mal auf Papier ficxierten. Jedes Verfahren hat jetzt eine deutliche Richtlinie, wodurch unsere tägliche Arbeit flüssiger und effizienter geworden ist. Ein großes Lob für ihre Unterstützung!
Date of experience: October 25, 2023
Betty1 review
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GAP Assessment for a global system
Zamann didn't just skim the surface; they delved deep, highlighting nuances we might have missed . Every gap was not only identified but also paired with thoughtful strategies for improvement. With their holistic approach they provided our company an opportunity to avoid potential audit findings. Zamann didn't just show us where we stood; they illuminated the path forward. Their contribution has been invaluable in refining our CSV processes.
Date of experience: October 23, 2023
Connie1 review
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Merging IT principles with GMP…
Merging IT principles with GMP standards is no small feat, but with Zamann, this challenge transformed into an opportunity. Under Marcos's leadership, the team crafted tailored software and database solutions that perfectly fit our laboratory's distinct requirements. Their approach was not just about providing support, but about delivering innovative, compliant solutions. We want to say thank you to the entire Zamann team!
Date of experience: October 21, 2023

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