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Who we are 

Imagine a world where pharmaceutical innovation and quality management go hand in hand. That’s what we do at Zamann Pharma Support. We’re your partners, committed to guiding you through the ever-evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. We don’t just solve problems; we unlock possibilities. Are you ready to be one step ahead in the industry? Partner with us today

Transforming Life Sciences 

A narrative of continuous innovation, groundbreaking solutions, and significant strides in healthcare. Explore the transformative journey of a company ready to redefine procedures in the life sciences industry. 

Our mission

Empower healthcare & medical technology industries globally. 

Deliver innovative quality management solutions. 

Collaborate to make a positive global impact. 

Foster a culture of continual learning and diversity. 

Zamann integrates Medical Device development into Quality Management System.

Zamann Medical (ZAMED) is registered as brand and supplies critical entities during the pandemic; Receiving the first TÜV certification

ZAMED introduced the biodegradable products TerraTrust and Zambam, showing growth, quality and respect for the environment. Pharmuni is launched as first Life Science and industry education platform.

Pharmuni launches an innovative coaching and University collaboration program to counter the shortage of experienced professionals in Pharma and MedTech. Zamann integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Quality Management System.

What we do 

If you’re looking for a team committed to bringing positive change to the healthcare and life science industries, you’ve found it.

As your committed partner in the healthcare and life sciences sector, Zamann Pharma Support employs a comprehensive understanding of quality management to drive progress and positive change.

We provide innovative solutions that not only meet your needs but also propel you forward in this complex industry.

Our role extends beyond being a service provider; we’re your partner in creating global transformations in health and life sciences. Embark on this journey of growth and innovation with us. 

Transformative Solutions for Life Science, Career, and Environment 

Explore our brands, each uniquely crafted to catalyze innovation, drive career growth, and promote eco-consciousness within the life science and healthcare sectors. Together, we thrive on innovation, quality, and sustainability. 

You're not just looking after your health, you're also a steward of our planet. And we get that. We design and develop eco-friendly medical products that don't compromise on either. With Zamed, you're not just a user; you're an ally in our collective effort to keep both you and our planet healthy. Ready to join us? 

Ready to revolutionize your life science projects? With Pharmatching, you're not just finding service providers – you're building powerful partnerships. Our digital platform efficiently matches your needs with top-tier experts, right at your fingertips. Step into the future and streamline your project success with us. 

Your dedicated partner in the life sciences industry, provides innovative B2B and B2C training programs to elevate business growth and career trajectories. Our unique combination of personalized coaching and qualification programs empowers individuals and teams with essential industry-specific GxP and soft skills, shaping the next wave of leaders and accelerating operational excellence. 

Our team 

Discover the minds behind Zamann Pharma Support. Our diverse team brings together wide-ranging expertise, united by a shared passion for excellence 

chief executive officer

Alireza Zarei

Deputy Managing

Nouredin Soumeh

Chief Technical Officer

Reza Soumeeh

chief quality officer

marco klinger

Pharmuni Group

Candice Zarei

Head of Healthcare

Milad Zarei

Quality assurance

Aylin Ergün

Chief Human Resource

Ewald Walter

Quality Specialist

Samrin Ahmad

Software Engineer

Mohammad Ali Kamkar

Quality Assurance

Lucas Lima

Business Administration

Kurosch Djalali

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