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Privacy Policy

These Private Policy provisions supplement the “Terms and Conditions” for the use of Zamann Pharma Support Homepage (hereafter ZPS).

1. Principles

ZPS complies with all pertinent statutory Privacy Policy provisions. Personal information entered in the contact page of ZPS on an expressly voluntary basis on the part of the User. ZPS collects personal information sparingly only, protects the data according to statutory provisions and does not transmit it to third parties, except in the cases mentioned under Article 3.


2. Handling of Personal Data by ZPS

ZPS collects, saves and processes personal information from the contact section as Contact Data. ZPS collects personal information as far as this is required to verify the User during the contact process, to establish the contractual relationship and its content. ZPS verifies each contact for plausibility and reserves the right to refuse any contact, in particular where there is suspicion of a specious contact. The following data is collected upon contact. All fields are compulsory except those marked with *.

  • Company*
  • Name
  • E-Mail
  • Message

3. Transmission of Personal Data to third parties

ZPS only transmits Personal Data to other companies (third parties) in the following cases:

  • Other companies

As far as ZPS uses the contractually-bound services of outside companies to support its provision of services, e.g. in the areas of data storage, maintenance of client lists, contacting clients (by post or Email), database analysis and customer service, ZPS may transmit information to these outside companies or individuals, including Personal Data, to allow its further processing. These outside companies are carefully selected by ZPS, regularly checked and obliged to handle data according to these data protection provisions, in the interest of preserving data protection. The data supplied may not be used for any purposes not expressly approved by ZPS.

  • Protection of ZPS

Other clients and other third parties when required to investigate any abuse of the ZPS website, or for criminal investigation, personal information may be released to the authorities or injured third parties. This, however, only occurs when ZPS is complying with a legal, court or official requirements, or has concrete evidence of illegal or abusive behavior or activity. Data may furthermore be passed on when this serves the exercising of ZPS´s legitimate interests, for example, the assertion of our Terms and Conditions or other agreements.

  • Transfer of parts of the business

Within the scope of the further development of the ZPS business, it can occur that the structure of Zamann Pharma Support GmbH changes, in that the legal form is changed, subsidiary companies or parts/elements of the company are incorporated, sold or purchased. In the case of such transactions, customer data will be transferred with the part of the business being transferred.


4. Cookies

ZPS, upon a visit by a user, uses cookies, with which the User may be identified during its visit (so-called session cookies). A cookie is saved on the User´s computer for the duration of its visit to the ZPS Website and the cookie is automatically deleted as the User leaves the site.


5. Log files

Each time a page is accessed, access data is saved in a protocol file – the Server Log. ZPS records the User´s IP Address, the date and time of the access, the page accessed as well as the operating system and browser used. Through the statistical analysis of the data collected, ZPS can continually improve its services and cater to the usage needs of its Users. Statistical data and evaluations are exclusively kept on secure ZPS servers and are not made


We use Microsoft Clarity, a web analytics tool that helps us understand how visitors interact with our website. Clarity uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on our users’ behavior and their devices.

Clarity uses this data to provide us with a better understanding of how visitors interact with our website, such as by tracking which pages are visited, how much time is spent on each page, and what links are clicked. This information is used to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of our website and to better cater to our users’ needs.

The data that Microsoft Clarity processes from the users of your website are the following: IP-Address, location, browser information, display resolution. language settings, date/time of access to the website, clicks, scrolls, mouse movements.

It does not collect personally identifiable information that you do not voluntarily enter in our website, and it does not track your browsing habits across websites which do not use Clarity services.

available to any third parties.


7. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

We use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite as our website/app analytics software and consent management tool. We collect data about website visitors based on cookies. The collected information may include a visitor’s IP address, operating system, browser ID, browsing activity and other information. See the scope of data collected by Piwik PRO.

We calculate metrics like bounce rate, page views, sessions and the like to understand how our website/app is used. We may also create visitors’ profiles based on browsing history to analyze visitor behavior, show personalized content and run online campaigns.

We host our solution on Microsoft Azure in Germany, Netherlands, United States and Hong Kong, Orange in France and ElastX in Sweden, and the data is stored for 14/25 months.

The purpose of data processing: analytics and conversion tracking based on consent. Legal basis: Art. 6 (1)(a) GDPR.

Piwik PRO does not send the data about you to any other sub-processors or third parties and does not use it for its own purposes. For more, read Piwik PRO’s privacy policy.


8. Availability of the Privacy Policy Provisions

You can access and print these Privacy Policy provisions from any page of a ZPS website under the link “Privacy Policy”.

Version 1.0 – 11 August 2019