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Gamp 5 based CSV Test Automation

A new generation of Software Validation

Automatization and digitalization are things all business strive for that lead to lowered costs and higher efficiency. Good automatization can also strongly improve quality procedures and ensure consistent product quality.

With its holistic view of the pharmaceutical industry Zamann Pharma Support has made it its mission to automate the economic cycle of this industry.

While products like Pharmatching and Pharmuni serve the areas of smart collaboration and talent acquisition, our CSV test automation enables digitalization aspects to be adapted to the quality requirements of pharmacy.

Global authorities require that all GxP relevant computer systems must be validated in a documented process known as computer system validation (CSV). The requirements for planning, documenting, and undertaking CSV can be costly in time, money, and personnel resources. Since software in the pharmaceutical industry must not have any bugs and needs to be validated according to Gamp 5, software testing used to be extremely manpower intensive. 99% of this process is still done manually.

The key aspect that changes everything

Zamann Pharma Support is a specialist in GAMP 5 based Computer Systems Validation and provides CSV services for:

  • Gap assessments
  • Implementation and transfer plans
  • Global project management
  • Entire validation activities
  • Test planning and test execution
  • Establishment of corporate CSV procedures
  • Global key user management

and last but not least:

  • CSV based test automation

CSV testing by one click

Why manually perform CSV testing if a solid and validated program can do the work for you?

Driven by the idea that pharmacy’s justified high-quality standards should no longer hold back companies, we are innovating the future of CSV through Continuous Validation and automated test execution.

CSV test automation by Zamann Pharma Support is the first in the world to meet all validation requirements in the industry. The product enables a continuously running validation and thus saves enormous costs!  The large number of employees who spend up to weeks each year on software validation can now use their time much more efficiently. Continuous validation will strongly improve compliance and provide quality reporting and KPI systems which were not possible before.

Our goal is to save time for companies. Time that they can use to develop further and make innovations a reality.