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360° of Zamann: EduTech for Life Science students

As management consultants and software developers, specialized for the life science sector, we know the struggles for pharmacy students on their road to professional life. With our EduTech platform Pharmuni we support students in Life Science to start their dream career. 

The mission behind Pharmuni is clear: We want to make life science and pharmacy graduates successful! 

So, what is important to be successful professionally? For us, success is based on three factors: 

  1. Industry specific skill set 
  2. Qualification profile 
  3. Self-confidence andthe ability to stand out 

Most of that you get through work experience. The basis is of course the study, but only the experience makes us ready for our actual dream job, doesn’t it?                                                                                              Plot twist: Here comes Pharmuni!                                                                                                                          Matching Pharmuni claim: Get job experience before you get the job! 

How does Pharmuni work?

As an e-learning platform Pharmuni includes lectures, courses and job qualification programs. The users expand their knowledge and qualification profile, which is confirmed by valuable certificates. 

Due to our professional background and our ISO9001 TÜV certified Quality Management System, Pharmuni certificates are an official document to prove knowledge. We know how quality assurance works and want the next generation to know it as well. Spreading the knowledge to support an engaging and thriving community.  

Certificates to boost CVs

Through the gained skills young professionals get a higher self-confidence and know their value. The courses provide them with exactly the knowledge that usually is brought to them by professional life. 

Pharmuni thus closes the gap between university knowledge and real working life. As a result, graduates launch right into their serious careers without doing the job that prepares them for the job that prepares them for the actual job. 

Bullet proved: Real students are impressed

We presented Pharmuni for the first time to Life Science students at the career fair near Frankfurt in October 2021.The feedback could not have been any better! Our EduTech platform is exactly what pharmacy students and other students from the Life Science sector are looking for. 

We are very excited about our launch in mid 2022! Have a look at our roadmap to see what we have already achieved and what still needs to be done: 

In this video, you can learn more about Pharmuni from the perspective of our graduate Angie: