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360° of Zamann: When Quality becomes a product

The Cambridge dictionary defines quality as “the degree of excellence of something, often a high degree of it“. At Zamann Pharma Support we have made the managing of Quality our job, our mission and our core of the business. We consult other companies on their Quality Management System (QMS) and either build them up from the ground or improve them to achieve the highest level of excellence. 

TÜV approved quality 

For the second year in a row, our Quality Management System was TÜV Süd-approved and qualified. This year, our certification extended from two to a total of four areas of application:  

  • Consulting services in the field of pharmacy, medical technology and quality management 
  • Personnel qualification in the field of pharmacy, medical technology and quality assurance 
  • Supplier qualification in the field of pharmacy, medical technology and quality assurance 
  • Customer-specific provision of quality management systems 

But what exactly does a TÜV certification mean? ISO 9001:2015 is the leading standard in quality management worldwide. It certifies to us and our customers that we define all our services and products by a very high standard.  All essential processes involved in our QMS are coordinated with each other to form a system that works flawlessly.  

Within our team, all tasks are clearly defined and assigned, each employee is trained through appropriate training and equipped with the adequate resources. Possible errors are identified and eliminated in advance by our QMS.  This is the standard we bring into each step of our work and into every project Zamann is involved in—be it internal or external. 

The achievement of this certification clearly demonstrates that we live quality as our core value. Our claim “We embody Quality” is our guiding principle according to which all our actions are aligned. 

Turning words into action 

Our Quality Management capabilities have been proven in various projects. We are proud that our experts at Zamann Pharma Support consult numerous recognised companies. These include among others: 

  • BIONTECH in the implementation of global digitalization solutions
  • Sanofi in risk assessment of drugs with chemically synthesized active ingredients
  • Heraeus in method validation and qualification measures 

Teaching quality 

Additionally, our TÜV certification enables us to train other companies in the relevant norms, standards, and best practices of the life science industry. We have expanded this know-how even further to support not only companies but also pharmacy graduates. Our new product Pharmuni is now in the middle of completion. It is an e-learning platform that conveys job-relevant knowledge and thus forms a bridge between university knowledge and work expertise. 

Here too, as with all our products and services, we have made quality our top priority.