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360° of Zamann: Pharmatching – The revolution in Life Science projects

In this post, we would like to introduce our smart collaboration platform which has been launched in August of this year. Our teams have worked on  Pharmatching (PAM) for more than two years and have created a tool that will redefine how pharmaceutical companies collaborate and find suitable partners around the globe.   

Finding project partners easily  

As a company specialized in the highly regulated sector of Life  Sciences and  Quality Management, we understand that it can be hard to find suitable and qualified partners for specific projects. 

Why do we understand this? Because we had the same pain when we were looking for our perfect specialist or partner to work with on complex projects.  We have taken this opportunity as our main motivation to create a sustainable solution to face this challenge.  

Meet Pharmatching, an AI-based platform specialized to enable smart collaboration in the Life Science sector. PAM is a global marketplace for companies, freelancers and project managers from all Life Science related fields, such as pharma, biotech, medicine and chemistry.  All of them are offered the opportunity to find suitable partners for their specific project requirements on this platform without paying brokers or headhunters. 

Search engine for the Life Science Industry

The user experience can be compared with the use of a search engine, but specifically for projects and companies in the Life Science industry. On PAM, companies can either search directly for a suitable key service provider or launch a tender to find the perfect candidate for their project. Pharmatching finds a match for every project, no matter how specific it may be. Experts from all over the world get the same chance to offer their unique expertise for a particular piece of work. In addition our Pharmawizard will help you to identify needs, before they appear on a GAP list. 

The advantages of PAM at a glance 

  • Cost effective: Using PAM can save you up to 45% on procurement and operation costs  

  • Connecting worldwide: You and your company can access thousands of local, regional or global service providers and customers 

  • Time saving: Submitting sourcing requests and receiving applications from suitable providers is easy and possible within the shortest time on a global scale  

No more start inhibitions and postponement of projects – with the ideal project partner,  ideas become innovations! 

Stay tuned for updates on the next milestones of Pharmatching. We are currently working intensively on the further development of the Pharmawizard, so there will be news about this very soon.