Zamann Pharma Supports operates the world’s largest pharmaceutical B2B outsourcing platform: Pharmatching.com.

This website is considered the go-to outsourcing solution for pharmaceutical companies, biotech developers, and more.  And, with the world’s largest database of Life Science Companies at our fingertips, we are able to match professionals and organizations from all sectors of the industry.

With this powerful platform, we can help you discover and stay connected with experts all around the world, allowing your business to benefit from what globalization and digitalization have to offer.

Business Support

When deployed, GxP-relevant software requires a high degree of support. This can manifest in the form of regular user questions, process adaptations, deviation management, risk management, and more. Of course, it’s imperative to provide a solid foundation of maintenance solutions to maximize both compliance and user acceptance.

At Zamann Pharma Support, we supply such solutions for life science applications based on state-of-the-art requirements. This ensures your company can benefit from both increased flexibility and solution-driven support structures.

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