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GxP Software Validation​

GxP Software Validation

The validation of a new GxP software is only one part of a vast deployment process. Preparation in the form of new processes, new user management systems, and training is always needed to ensure fresh software packages are fully compliant. 

At Zamann Pharma Support, we can provide entire life cycle solutions to better integrate new software into your daily work. From initial development to continuous support, our experts are always ready to help your organization find the right answers.

Computer System Validation

Validation of computerized systems according to GxP Guidelines (CSV) has been a basic requirement in the life science industry for years now. However, as the complexity of the IT landscape and the degree of automation has increased, the efforts to keep compliance have risen as well.

Of course, validating computerized systems (CSV) is crucial to patient safety. At the same time, the outlay for validating computerized systems can be significantly reduced for both organizations and suppliers working in the life science industry.

Computer System Validation

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