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Since the founding of Zamann Pharma Support, we have always committed ourselves to charitable causes as it is also duty of the company to be role models: for each other, for our partnersfor everyone. 

That said, one project is closer to our hearts than all the others: the godparenthood of children living in conditions below the poverty line. 

In our efforts, we support children all over the world, including EcuadorSambia, China, Ghana, and Nepal. 

We believe that every child should have the same opportunities for a good life and deserve clean water, food, and education. That’s why we’re proud to be a “member” of a thousand families, supporting them all and giving them a chance at a better future. Going forward, our sincere hope is that we can extend these efforts to children in need all over the world.  

Of course, there is one thing that has put more pressure on our industry than anything previously faced: the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In helping to counter and contain the virus, we have contributed thousands of FFP2-Masks since the beginning of the outbreak. Our efforts included sending more than 10,000 Masks to national emergency services and 5,000 more to Athletes for Charity Stiftung, which they distributed to families, children, and high-risk patients.  

Other charitable activities include donating to the Ciara Walking Event and helping Alex Busse, a local Lampertheim athlete‚ compete for the K1-Worldchampionship. 

Since our company’s founding back in 2017, we have engaged ourselves in 17 kindergartens in and around Lampertheim, donating boxes filled with toys for the kids on a regular basis.  

Even with limited resources, we feel it is important to remain engaged in charity – both for our company and for the people behind it. Ultimately, what other goal is there but to make the world a better place and help build a better tomorrow. After all 


“Our goal is to create a bond and to help where it’s needed.“

- Alireza Zarei, CEO of Zamann Pharma Support

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