Security Policy

Data security

Security in terms of data protection is ensured by various means. First, every contact of ZPS is required to enter very limited data only. All data is stored on database servers that are secured from public access.

All data transmission to and within ZPS is encrypted via strong and current encryption methods including 256-bit SSL-Certification and 2084-bit RSA public keys. The lock icon in the browser shows that your data is fully protected from access.

Physical Security

Our server farm dedicated to is located in Germany, at a state-of-the-art facility providing 24-hour physical security including the requirement of biometric access data, redundant electrical power, redundant and scalable broad-band internet-access, redundant air conditioners and backup equipment requiring asymmetric encryption.

Perimeter Security

The multicast architecture installed for the system communication is monitored 24/7 for all relevant operating parameters. The network perimeter is protected by a firewall. monitors and analyzes the system continuously including firewall logs, server logs, system load, and system accessibility to proactively identify security threats.

Inside the perimeter firewalls, the systems are specifically safeguarded including network address translation and port redirection.